Michael Ingbar Gallery

David Hinchliffe
Silent Auction/Wine reception


Bidding is open
through June 1, 2018 11:59 EST

Wine reception daily 5pm - 7pm
Friday May 25 - Saturday May 26
Tuesday May 29 - Friday June 1

David Hinchliffe, "Stormy Night," 33" x 27". Acrylic on Canvas

The Michael Ingbar Gallery is once again proud to showcase the work of Australian artist David Hinchliffe. You must see David Hinchliffe's paintings in person to really appreciate them! David is, by far, the best selling artist for many years at the New York City Affordable Art Show as well as at galleries and art fairs all over the world.

The silent auction will work as follows:

Bidding is open from now until June 1, 2018 11:59 EST.
Anyone interested in bidding will give their details to the gallery beforehand and get a bidding number. For each painting a bidder is interested in, a bid is entered along with a unique bidding number. These can either be entered on the bidding card next to the painting or sent in via email. If there are multiple bidders, each bid will increase in increments of $100 above the most recent bid. To find out the latest bid, you can call the gallery at (212) 334-1100. At the end of the auction, whoever has the highest bid will win the auction and get the painting. If someone would rather not participate in the auction but would like to buy a painting immediately, this is of course possible and will take precedence over the auction process.

Click this link to view the works in the Hinchliffe silent auction. Prices listed are the current "buy it now" price.

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The Michael Ingbar Gallery is located in the Basement Suite of 568 Broadway (the Prince Building) on the Northeast corner of Broadway and Prince Street. Go into the office building entrance, sign in with security, and either take the stairs or elevator down one level.

Artwork previews before the official opening are possible. Please get in touch with us at (212) 334-1100 or info@michaelingbargallery.com to set up a viewing appointment or to set up a paddle number for bidding.