Michael Ingbar Gallery

About MFI Art Co. Inc.


The MFI Art Company Inc. is a New York corporate art consulting firm with clients ranging from small businesses to major multinational corporations. Since 1977, MFI has sold art and consultation services to thousands of clients mostly based in NYC.

Over time, we saw a large demand for high quality original art with an architectural New York theme but there was little of this type of work to be found in one central location. In 1986, we decided to address this need by opening a new division of the company, the Michael Ingbar Gallery of Architectural Art which would primarily focus on showing art with a representational architectural theme. The main purpose is to use the gallery as a magnet for artists that do this type of work, and then a resource for MFI Art. Since 1986 we have located many fine artists, photographers, architects, and renderers which fulfill this need.
MFI Art, Co. would continue focusing more on primarily abstract, non representational works for corporate clients.

Call us for a free, no obligation consultation at 212-334-1100 and visit our website at mfiart.com. We are currently focused on art consulting in the Hudson Yards and One World Trade Center Financial District areas of New York City as well as the rest of the New York City area.